What Are People Saying About The Jamming Nachos?

They’re working hard, rocking crowds, and the music world needs to take notice.
These kids played a blend of rap, hip hop, and hard rock with lyrics that were socially conscious. It was super inspiring to hear a group of kids under 21 playing music that has roots in funk, soul and rap.
‘It Could Have Been Me’ - a hard hitting tribute to the unarmed black people that have been killed by police terrorism.
Y’all are jamming man, that’s all I can say
— Legendary Percussionist Pete Escovedo at 2014 Oaklands Got Talent Contest
Saw The Jamming Nachos at Awaken Cafe last year and they rocked!
— LIVE 'n' LOCAL SF on twitter
My daughter is five. She’s going to be listening to them in ten years and I’m going to say I saw them
— Comedian and Actress Caroline Rhea at 2014 Oaklands Got Talent Contest

The Jamming Nachos Kron 4 News Interview